Mui Ne Fairy Stream- A Sculptural Relief Of Nature (part 2)

After the eclipse event October 25, 1995, Mui Ne seems to be shined by scientists and astronomy enthusiasts around the world who flocked to here to admire the eclipse. From that romantic landmarks of Mui Ne are explored, including Mui Ne Fairy Stream.

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After first 100- meter difficult path, the paradise sight will appear in front of you. A highlighted space is described with red and white color of sand and green color of vegetable. In addition, uneven stalagmites appear due to weather erosion. Such that pristine beauty promises to bring tourists many interesting things.

Mui Ne Fairy Stream (10)

Wonderful sand dunes

Mui Ne Fairy Stream (11)

A small sand gate

Mui Ne Fairy Stream (12)

Trekking along the Mui Ne Fairy Stream

Mui Ne Fairy Stream (13)

On that stream, tourists will never feel tired with their bare feet because they are cared by smooth sand.

Mui Ne Fairy Stream (14)

Soft and smooth sand makes your feet comfortable.

Moreover, Mui Ne Fairy Stream has many paths leading to sand dunes. Viewed from high sand dunes, Mui Ne Fairy Stream looks romantic because one side is green rows of coconut and the other side is two- color sand walls.

Mui Ne Fairy Stream (15)

Golden sand dunes of Mui Ne Fairy Stream

No matter it is rainy or sunny, Mui Ne Fairy Stream is always crowded. Almost visitors here are foreign tourists.

Mui Ne Fairy Stream (16)

Mui Ne Fairy Stream is crowded with visitors.

Mui Ne Fairy Stream (17)

Furthermore, Mui Ne Fairy Stream is also a familiar path to local people.

Although it takes only one hour to visit Mui Ne Fairy Stream, many visitors spend more time to discover this wonderful land.

Mui Ne Fairy Stream (18)

Mui Ne Fairy Stream with poetic beauty

After wading stream and sightseeing, tourists can drop in on a farm next to Mui Ne Fairy Stream to watch ostrich and have more interesting moments.

Together with other tourist attractions, Mui Ne Fairy Stream in Phan Thiet has become more attractive to both foreign and domestic visitors. Mui Ne Fairy Stream is one of most attractive destination in Mui Ne. Discovering Mui Ne Fairy Stream is another choice for Phan Thiet tours, aside from white sand beaches or sand dunes.

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