3 Beautiful But Absent Destinations in Da Nang And Quang Nam

Because of quite far distance from the city center, such these beautiful destinations are not popular to any Da Nang or Quang Nam locals.

  1. Bang Rapids

da-nang-destination (2)

Bang Rapids is a new and strange destination in Da Nang.

About 20 km from Da Nang city center, Bang rapids is really a should- visit place in your life. This place is described with wonderful natural landscapes together with systems of colorful coral reef and deep blue water.

Activities for tourists: fishing, diving for coral reef, etc.

  1. Skylight

da-nang-destination (3)

A pure flow of the Skylight

The Skylight is situated on the west direction of Da Nang city, surrounded by mountains and forest of Hoa Ninh commune, Hoa Vang district. The Skylight area is surrounded with trees and rock all year around; hence no matter which season is, this place is always cool and fresh.

Visiting the Skylight, you not only enjoy the perfect natural picture but also are immersed in deep blue spring, listen the music of the forest or catch snails, stone crabs, etc. with your friends.

  1. Dong Giang Tea Hill

da-nang-destination (1)

The tea hill in Dong Giang- Quang Nam

Heading to the west Quang Nam, about 1 hour driving from Da Nang city center, you can admire the romantic beauty of Dong Giang tea hill. The Dong Giang tea hill is evergreen all year around; hence it is a special destination for backpackers on weekend. After a hour of driving, you are able to enjoy the peace here. In addition, Dong Giang tea hill is one of favorite places for wedding albums.

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