90 Days In 90 Seconds On Mekong River

Daily moments of people living in Mekong river area are clearly and truly reproduced under lens of American photographer through clip “90 days in 90 seconds on Mekong River”.

The site National Geographic loaded a clip “90 Days in 90 Seconds: Life on the Mekong River” of American photographer David Guttenfelder.

His video recorded pure sounds and true and simple moments of life on the Mekong river in some countries such as Vietnam, China, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand. In Vietnam, there are six should- visit floating markets in Mekong Delta: Seven-way Intersection Floating Market – Hau Giang, Nga Nam (five-way intersection) Floating Market – Soc Trang, Cai Rang Floating Market- Can Tho, Cai Be Floating Market- Tien Giang, Long Xuyen Floating Market – An Giang, and Tra On Floating Market – Vinh Long.

The river landing becomes busier with cars along the road and hustle boats on river. In very early morning, on Ninh Kieu wharf, it appears a bunch of boats which head to Cai Rang floating market. The Cai Rang market has long been associated with generation after generation of people in Mekong Delta and as busy and hustling as inland markets.

90 Days In 90 Seconds On Mekong River

Guttenfelder shared that images of local people purchasing fruits on floating markets were taken in Vietnam.

In the clip, Guttenfelder had special scenes describing the rich natural sources of Mekong River.

The video was recorded and edited during three years of working here for studies on the impact of hydroelectric dams on the Mekong downstream area.

He said it was one of those long trips and always tried to help indigenous people feel like the work they do and invest a lot of time and effort into them.

Guttenfelder said “I try to record anything, from what we eat, people met, catch fish for lunch”.

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