As Beautiful As Red Almond Leaves In Hanoi Winter

Red leaves before removing from branches light up grey sky and cold wind, it is a wonderful pictures of Hanoi winter.

Albert Camus said: “autumn is a second spring because each leave is a flower”.

But in Hanoi, everyone says that the second spring is the season of almond leave changing. Each almond tree becomes a flower one, blossom in grey color of sky, cold wind and they look like torches which warm up dreary winter days.



red-almond-hanoi (1)

Almond leaves with full colors of yellow and red look like flowers in blossom under Hanoi’s winter sky.

red-almond-hanoi (2)

red-almond-hanoi (3)

There will not have other flowers that are charm enough to replace the simplicity and sadness of red almond trees when winter comes on every corner of Hanoi streets.

red-almond-hanoi (4)

red-almond-hanoi (5)

Busy streets become more nostalgic with branches of red almond.

red-almond-hanoi (6)

red-almond-hanoi (7)

red-almond-hanoi (9)

Every almond tree looks like a flower garden in blossom.

red-almond-hanoi (10)

red-almond-hanoi (11)

Or look like torches which warm up dreary winter days.

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