Ba Lua Archipelago- Ha Long Bay Of Southern Land

Islands of Ba Lua archipelago are quite pristine, sky and water in one color. They are ideal destinations for the short vacation. Ba Lua Archipelago- Ha Long Bay Of Southern Land.

Kien Giang province has many tourist attractions like Phu Quoc island, Nam Du archipelago, Ha Tien and many other islands scattering in the Gulf of Thailand. In particular, Ba Lua Archipelago (also known as Binh Tri) with more than 40 large and small islands in the Sea of Kien Luong District, Kien Giang is relatively unspoiled. It is situated in less wind sea; hence recently it has attracted a lot of tourists come to discover and experience.

There are only 10 out of more than 40 islands of Ba Lua having residents. The remaining islands are named after its shapes and legends by local people such as: Pig Island, Goat Island, Ngang island, Mangrove Island, etc. The sea around Ba Lua archipelago is shallow sea, even some places, tourists can walk from one island to the other. Ba Lua Beach with large and small gravels which are different in shapes and color.

Ba Lua Archipelago (1)

Crystal blue water and pristine sight of Ba Lua archipelago

Mean of transport


From Ho Chi Minh city, you should choose overnight bus, the route Western bus station to Rach Gia. When getting Rach Gia, take a next bus Rach Gia- Ha Tien. On the way, ask driver to get Ba Hon (about 22 km from Ha Tien).

And then, buy ship ticket to Pig Island, depart at 11 am and arrive at 11:40 am. The price is VND 35,000/ person.

When getting the Pig Island, call Mr. Tai 0978003000. He is owner of Dam Island, for round ticket, it costs about 1.3 million VND. Remember that big ships are safer than small ships. All eating and sleep activities will be helped by Mr. Tai.


From Ho Chi Minh city, there are following choices:

– Highway 1, through My Thuan bridge, go straight highway 80 to Rach Gia, then to Dam island (from here take ship to visit islands in Ba Lua archipelago).

– Go along Highway 1 to three- way intersection An Huu, and then turn right to direction of Cao Lanh city, then to Hong Ngu and Tan Chau, Chau Doc, Tinh Bien, Ha Tien, Ba Hon.

Tourists combine the tour Ba Hon Dam with some other tourist destinations in An Giang. You can spend two days in An Giang, then 2 days in Ba Hon Dam and turn back Ho Chi Minh city.

At Ba Hon, you can park motorbike at Ba Hon General Hospital, behind Trade Center at the price of from VND 5,000 to 15,000/ day.

Currently, there are two ways to get Ba Hon dock, depart at 11:30 am, the ticket price is about VND 30,000/ departure turn and VND 40,000/back turn.

Before coming to Pig island, you should contact with Mr. Tai, the ship ticket for a group of 6 people from Pig Island to Ba Hon Dam is about VND 700,000. The price includes beach bathing, hammock, chair, catching clams, etc. Or you some to Tan Phat dock, near Hang pagoda tourist area to hire private ship, the price depends on the number of people or big ships from VND 2.2- 4 million for round turn.

Ba Lua Archipelago

Tourists can carry tent, hammock or ask local people for homestay.


Visiting Ba Lua archipelago, you can choose some below islands because they are cared by owners of islands for eating, drinking, relaxation, and shuttle service from the Pig Island:

– Dam Phuoc Island is planted with mangrove trees; hence it is convenient to pick up visitors. Leaf house rental is VND 250,000/ night for five people. Some other fees such as: fresh water bathing: VND 10,000/ people, warm water: VND 10,000/ pot; rice: VND 40,000/ kg rice. Fire camping, boil clams, and grill snails: free of charge.

– On Dam Duong Island, you can contact with Ms. Tuyet Mai (01655911129) – owner of the island. She cooks well and is funny, but has not served shuttle service yet; hence tourists have to hire fishing boats with cheap price.

You can also bring tents, hammock and camping on the island because it has many beautiful beaches and airy terrain. In addition, flashlights, lighters, knives, mineral water, personal preventive medicine and little instant noodle are also essential.

Eating And Drinking

Ba Lua Archipelago (3)

Grouper fish is the specialty of the island. It is best for grilled dish.

You should prepare some food on the way of the journey. When getting tourist destinations, tourists can dive to catch crabs and snails, and then grill it.

Tourist Destinations

Because Ba Lua archipelago has many islands, it is quite hard to go all them; therefore, you should choose some nice islands. Three Hon Dam (Dam Duong island, Duoc island and Gieng island) is favorite destinations. Here have many beautiful beaches and fresh sea food such as: fish, crabs, squid, snails, etc.

Three Hon Dam attracts a lot of tourists because the distance of three islands is not far each other and it creates a pond among them. Tourists can swim from the island to the other island without any boat.

Ba Lua Archipelago (4)

Sunset at Three Hon Dam

Dawn and sunset on Ba Lua archipelago is the best time to enjoy the nature here. You will see the sunrise and sunset with gorgeous pink light. Hundreds of fishing boats moor in the bay, resting the afternoon, there are some boats floating between the vast sea.

Notes When Travelling Three Hon Dam:

– Use mosquito lotion before going to bed.

– Bring a tent or sleeping bag when on the island, may be cold at night.

– Before going to bed, check mosquito screens to ensure no mosquitoes in the screen.

– Prepared rubber sandals, buy in Ba Hon, it is important to wade the sea, your feet will be easily scratched by rocks.

Ba Lua Archipelago (2)

Catch sea porcupine

Itinerary For Travelling Three Hon Dam- Ba Lua Archipelago Two Days:

First night: 10:30 pm depart from Ho Chi Minh city

Day 1: Ba Hon- Hon Heo- Ba Hon Dam

– 7 am: at Ba Hon port, you can have breakfast; before getting on board to Hon Heo, you can visit Phu Tu island, Hang pagoda.

– 9:30 am: gather at Ba Hon port. Getting Hon Heo (Pig Island) to have a lunch, contact with Ms. Hien: 01695917882 for meal and contact Mr. Tai for shuttle service. Afternoon: relax and play on the island.

– 4pm: Enjoy sea food specialties such as: fish, snail, crabs, sea porcupine.

– 5pm: go to catch crabs, snails, clams

– At night: Grill sea food. Enjoy other sea food such as: grouper fish, cooked fish, etc.

Day 2: Ba Hon Dam- Ba Hon- Ho Chi Minh City

– 5:30am: Wake up early to dawn sightseeing

– 7:30am: Have breakfast with clam soup and sea porcupine

– Walk on the island, take photo and relax

– 11am: get on board, come back Pig Island and have lunch

– 12:30pm: Bath at South beach in Pig Island and enjoy seafood here.

– 2:30pm: get on express ship and back Ba Hon

– 3pm: Come back Saigon

– 21:30 pm: End the journey

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