Beautiful Scene Of Water Pouring Season Than Uyen

Visiting to the northwest area, you will miss out the stunning golden terraced fields around villages and valleys. But there is a season where terraces captivate travelers is the water pouring one. To behold the water pouring season, you should come here in May or June in Mu Cang Chai, Y Ty, Than Uyen in winter.

Water-Pouring-Season-Than-Uyen (1)

Than Uyen in the water pouring season

Located in the southwestern province of Lao Cai, Than Uyen (Lai Chau province) is a large valley between two mountains: Fansipan and Pung Luong. Than Uyen is bestowed with dense system of rivers and streams, typically is Nam Mu river flowing through the district with a length of 160 km, with inexhaustible energy source to facilitate the development of hydropower in local.

Water-Pouring-Season-Than-Uyen (2)

These markings in the water pouring season

Water-Pouring-Season-Than-Uyen (3)

Than Uyen Hydropower

Water-Pouring-Season-Than-Uyen (4)

Than Uyen possesses large fields

Water-Pouring-Season-Than-Uyen (5)

Shimmering when the sun shines

Water-Pouring-Season-Than-Uyen (6)

Than Uyen has two crops each year

Water-Pouring-Season-Than-Uyen (7)

Human’s hands make wonders

Water-Pouring-Season-Than-Uyen (8)

Rustic scenery

Water-Pouring-Season-Than-Uyen (11)

The scene on Khau Co mountain pass

Water-Pouring-Season-Than-Uyen (12)

How to take your eyes off the beautiful scenery like this

Water-Pouring-Season-Than-Uyen (14)

The Thai ethnic people in the festival

Water-Pouring-Season-Than-Uyen (15)

Than Uyen water pouring season

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