Ca Mau On Top Less- Exploited But Should Visit

Mangrove forests, traditional floating markets, Khmer pagoda, fresh delicious seafood, hospitable local people, etc. are impressive things that the daily newspaper of Malaysia- The Star raves about Ca Mau.

Ca Mau, Vietnam


The Star has just listed less- exploited destinations in the world but should visit once in your life. Ca Mau is described with many marshes, mangrove forests and a diversity of fauna and flora. In addition, the bustling scene on floating markets, ancient Kmer temples, fresh seafood and hospitable local people, etc.

Abbotsford, Canada

Ca Mau On Top Less- Exploited But Should Visit  (3)

Abbotsford has mountains full of snow, clear atmosphere, green trees and romantic rivers. This is an ideal location for a tour of discovering farms, riding motorbikes or helicopter to admire ranges of snow mountains, snowboarding, boating on river, camping, etc.

Caen, France


This is a hometown of a war hero at 11th Century William who was born in France and became the first king of England. Moreover, Caen also preserves some historic relics and most beautiful architecture in Europe. At this place, tourists have a chance to understand more about architectural works of thousand years like the palace Château de Caen, ancient churches such as Saint-Etienne and Sainte-Trinite.

Chester, Anh


Cheste is one of towns that William king expanded. Many buildings in Chester were ranked as National relics type I and carry historical meanings. Therefore, tourists should spend enough time to discover values of history and culture here.

Chihuahua, Mexico


This is a hometown of a little dog at the same name. Chihuahua has a history of over 3,000 years old, so visitors here will be living in a period of history through ancient stories.

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