Charming Beauty Of Bao Loc Highland

Although it is not as famous as Da Lat, Bao Loc town still attracts visitors thanks to the rustic beauty of the scenery and misty fog and wild flowers.

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Bao Loc is located on highway 20, about 110 km from Da Lat city and 190 km from Ho Chi Minh City. Like Dalat, the place includes a variety of terrain, consisting high mountains, steep hills and valleys.

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Early sunbeams penetrate the mist to bring fanciful beauty to the highland city. Here, you can enjoy many types of climate on the same day, mostly quite cool and pleasant.

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Bao Loc is impressive thanks to rich green color spreading everywhere and waterfalls, lakes, streams and gentle tea hills.

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Climate and soil conditions are favorable for a special taste of Bao Loc tea. Therefore, in addition to endless green color of the mountains and flowers, do not forget to taste the acrid sweet tea of this place.

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Despite as not many flowers as Da Lat, you still see roads of brilliant bloom in Bao Loc.

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Pink lily flowers are grown much here. Because they are perennial, branches still have large flower clusters in bloom, creating a bright pink color.

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The Pink lily flowers look like bells, grown in clusters of 4-7 flowers, bloom from April to June in the year. Normally, when flowering, almost leaves are falling; hence, we only see violet pink flower clusters.

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Due to large trees and beautiful flowers, this kind of flowers is also planted in the parks and routes to take shade and embellish the city.

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Bao Loc by night is very peaceful under the golden light lit up the whole city. Moreover, you can experience a variety of activities such as discovering Dambri waterfalls and joining the adventure sports.

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