CNTraveler Surprised At Son Doong Cave’s Capacity

CNTraveler Surprised At Son Doong Cave’s Capacity. According to the specialist travel site CNTraveler, Son Doong cvae is a world wonder with special magnificent beauty, absolutely can contain 44-story building in New York, USA.

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The photo of Vietnam- England expedition team- Son Doong cave in 2009

Every year, about half a million of tourists visit Mammoth cave of national park in Kentucky, USA. With a length of 405 miles (650 km), it owns the longest cave system in the world. However, according to the CNTraveler, Mammoth is still “nothing” compared to the capacity of Son Doong cave in national park Phong Nha Ke Bang, Vietnam.


Spectacular beauty in the grotto

In 1991, a farmer named Ho Khanh found the cave. At that time, he worked to find a kind of precious word in forest. Inadvertently, when looking for shelter as it was raining, he was at the cave Son Doong.

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However, the cave was sunk in oblivion for 15 years. In 2008, when the expedition of the British Royal association came, Mr. Khanh retold and leaded the way to the cave. The cave was officially found in 2009.

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Rich vegetation

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The expedition ended the first journey in a 200m high wall. Here, explorers named it with the name “The Great Wall of Viet Nam”. It is spectacular and massive scene, inside like “Great Wall” of China.

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How vast Son Doong cave is?

By way of comparison CNTraveler, the capacity of Son Doong cave can contain 40-storey building in the US. Earlier, the National Geographic site described that the height of the cave could “stack 25 double-decker buses.” The cave has a maximum depth of 150 m, length of approximately 9,000m, and is formed about 2-5 million years ago.

son-doong-cave (6)

Huge natural “pearls”

It is not only excellent in size, Son Doong cave also is described abundant vegetation. One of other beauties of Son Doong cave is system of stalactites and giant “pearl”. Through millions of years, this place has 70m-high stalactite pillars. These “pearls” in the cave are as big as baseballs, composed mainly of calcium.

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