Da Lat: Familiar But Strange in 10 Destinations

If have visited Love Valley, Da Lat station, in your next trip in Da Lat, should not miss out III Palace, Linh Phuoc pagoda, etc.

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The relic Da Lat station was built in early 20th century. It is the highest station in Vietnam with the height of 1,500 meters. Nowadays, together with Hai Phong station, Da Lat station is the oldest one in Vietnam.

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Domaine De Marie church or Mai Anh church is located on the hill full of cherry blossoms. The special thing of the church is that it does not have bell tower, the statue of 3 meters was designed by a French architect.

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Love Valley is about 6 km from Da Lat center. There are three tourist attractions here: flower park, Da Thien lake and picnic area.

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XQ embroidery historical village not only bring tourists embroidery pictures, but also stories and myths of Da Lat as well as Vietnam country.

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III Palace (Bao Dai’s Palace) is located on Trieu Viet Vuong street, about 2 km from Da Lat center. It was built in 1933. There are a lot of exhibits of the king Bao Dai here.

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Linh Phuoc pagoda is a mosaic faience building with more than 100 tons of porcelain, imbued with East Asia architectural style, located at Trai Mat, in the same direction with Da Lat station.

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Truc lam zen monastery is located in Phoenix hill, about5 km from Dalat center, as one of the three largest monasteries in Vietnam.

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Lang Biang mountain is about 12 km from Da Lat city in the north. Tourists use Jeep service for round ways at price of VND 50,000/ person. Lang Biang top at the height of 2,167 m above sea level, pristine and majestic mountain forests and vegetation vary from different heights.

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Datanla waterfall is located on Prenn mountain pass, about 5 km from Da Lat city center. Landscape surrounding is very romantic and pristine.

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Da Lat market sell a variety of good such as vegetables, atiso flowers, flowers, and specialties of Da Lat.

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