Da Lat Travel: Must-Visit Destinations In The Valley Of Love

Exploring highlights in the valley of Love and hill of Dream – Dalat.

Da Lat is very favorite tourist attraction because of its cool climate, wonderful landscapes and thousand flowers in blossom. A lot of tourists often say Da Lat is a looking-forward place for those who has not come yet, and then for those who has come, feel being attached to and even  those who does not leave away there, still want to go back. Among the beauty of Da Lat, the valley of Love and hill of Dream are two famous and much beloved places.

Here, visitors have the opportunity to enjoy new category of tourist sites such as the picture frame of couple peacocks, couple butterflies, flower spring in the Valley of Love ; and admire the two mascots: Dragon and peacock which are crafted by 270 Thailand artisans in 369 days and nights.

Da-Lat-Love-Valley (7)

The mascot Dragon

Da-Lat-Love-Valley (6)

The mascot Peacock

Da-Lat-Love-Valley (3)

A couple of flower butterflies

Da-Lat-Love-Valley (8)

The peacock garden

Da-Lat-Love-Valley (9)

The flower spring

Da-Lat-Love-Valley (10)

The picture frame of peacocks

Da-Lat-Love-Valley (5)

The tree of love and fortune is a banian tree of 13 meters, its branches of 15 meters wide. It is decorated with pink and red ribbons which symbolizes love and fortune for travellers. They do not know it comes true or not but it is always in their mind and will come true with their determination.

Da-Lat-Love-Valley (1)

The Hill of Dream is a cultural, historical and ancient house that was built more than 300 years old. Its columns, windows and doors are made of precious wood. The parallel sentence and horizontal board are elaborately carved with lively images such as: dragon, fruits, eight weapons, ribbons and some wood panels are beautifully decorated.

Da-Lat-Love-Valley (4)

Visiting the Hill of Dream, tourists will enjoy a true space of Highlands, museum of jars, gallery of music instruments and working tools of the Highlands, and winemakers.

Da-Lat-Love-Valley (2)

Other special part in the highlands space is the stage of gong with the capacity of 1,500 guests. Guests will enjoy dances, famous songs of Highlands.

The tourist area the valley of Love – the hill of Dream is running the promotion program for the holiday 30/4 -1/5 including: full entertainment package at two resorts (VND 199,000 for adults, VND 119,000 for children) for sightseeing train, swan boat on a lake, paintball games, visiting alien, wish silk of love and fortune; the full package tour of two resorts (315,000 VND for adults, VND 290,000 for children) includes entrance tickets and jeep excursions; exploring the love maze (for those who goes out the maze within 5 minutes, will be awarded a wish ribbon of love and fortune).

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