Da Nang Love Lock Bridge For Couples In Love

Da Nang Love Lock Bridge For Couples In Love. Couples in love visiting Da Nang are able to show the undying love by putting love padlocks on a romantic bridge that has just been built crossing Han river.

Situated on the east of Tran Hung Dao street, the middle part between Dragon bridge and Ha river, the love lock bridge is going a tourist attraction of young people in Da Nang.

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The love lock bridge has just been built and becomes a tourist attraction, especially for young people.

The bridge has arc shape in 68 meters long, 6 meters wide, towards the middle of the river. The foot path is around 2 meters wide and plenty of space for visitors to behold Han river, enjoy the cool breeze. Its railing is decorated with carp image and octagonal stone pillars.

The construction is inspired from famous padlock bridges such as Pont des Arts (France), Hohenzollern (Germany), Milvio (Italy) and becomes a place for couples in love show their undying love.

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Couples in love choose the bridge as a place to showing their love by putting padlocks on the bridge.

In evening, “rows of trees” that are created from thousands of red heart-shaped lanterns shimmer and light the water. Every day, hundreds of tourists visit here and take photo, especially young people.

Padlocks inscribed with their names, initials and messages of affection are put on the bridge as a witness of a deep love. To meet the need of the young, 200 undying padlocks are presented for couples by bridge constructor. Such these padlocks do not have keys and are inscribed with words “love you forever”.

Da Nang Love Lock Bridge For Couples In Love (2)

More and more padlocks are put on the bridge railing.

There are hundreds of padlocks on the bridge railing now and increase more and more. The bridge is also a dating place for couples to share their thought and behold the romantic scene in late afternoon or evening.

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