Dambri Waterfall- As Beautiful As An Ink Painting Of Da Lat

About 18km from Bao Loc city to the northeast, along the winding road through hills of tea, coffee, Dambri waterfall appears white as a silk on the cliff halfway among mountains and flowers.


Dambri ribbon between windy Highland land.

Dambri means waiting according to K’ho language. It is associated with a beautiful legend of loyalty of a woman waiting for her beloved guy.

Dambri-waterfall-da-lat (1)

The waterfall is as soft as a girl

Dambri Waterfall gives visitors an incredible delight. From the height of 70 meters, the waterfall flushes down as a hair of a girl. In the rainy season, the upstream water creates majestic and romantic scenery. It I surrounded by wild tiny purple flowers grown up on rocks, primeval forests with a variety of trees of hundred years old. Standing at the foot of the waterfall, we would feel like standing in the fanciful clouds.

Dambri-waterfall-da-lat (2)

A soft white hair covers the whole forest

Dambri-waterfall-da-lat (3)

Spectacular scenery of Dambri as an ink painting

Dambri-waterfall-da-lat (4)

Sketch in the natural beauty of Dambri

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