Deep Blue Sea Inside Swallow Cave

Deep blue sea inside Swallow Cave. Inside Swallow cave- the third biggest cave in the world is described with spectacular scenes including white sand beach, river, jungle together with ecosystem and typical weather condition.

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Deep Blue Sea Inside Swallow Cave

Swallow Cave is located in Phong Nha Ke Bang national park, Quang Binh province and the third biggest cave in the world which has typical ecosystem and weather condition which are totally different from outside. With 130 meters long and 150 meters wide, Swallow Cave is as one half large as a football field. Inside this cave include beach, river and jungle.

Germany photographer Lars Krux, 48 age together with his wife Justyna Krux and a group of tourists visited the cave to discover and take impressive photos after a journey of 10km through a the cold and dense jungle. This series of photos were loaded on England Express site.

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Right after camping and staying overnight, Lars took beautiful and magnificent moments inside the cave before walking 1km in very dark condition. He shared that his purpose is to discover as much as possible but he had not visited Vietnam yet “it is very hard to come close to Swallow Cave due to no path. The only way to the cave is to walk more than 10 km through jungle and hills”.

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He added “you need overcome many rivers with water up to 1.5 meters and can be attacked by tens leeches, even clinging to the skin”. After many hours of crossing jungle and rivers, the group come to the cave successfully and Lars realized that it is worth for 15kg Digital Video Recorder (Nikon Camera D800, lenses, filters, two 3-foot racks)

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From high position looking down, he saw a huge cave with deep blue lakes, white sand beach and some camps. He shares “this is a place for staying overnight and also a great privilege for photographers to sleep in a wonderful surrounding.”

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Swallow cave is near Son Doong cave which is the largest cave in the world and first uncovered in 2009 by England adventurers.

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