Different Han River Under Different Weather

In early morning, Han River looks like a gentle girl waking up after a long dream. In the thin layer of dew, the river seems to stop flowing in order to behold the peaceful beauty of the city.

Han-River-da-nang (9)

An elegant dawn on Han River

Among the quiet space, Han River likes a fairy wearing silver coat, added a bit of yellow sunshine.

Han river suddenly changes in mid-day and becomes brilliant when the sun shines. Beams of sun play on Han river’s surface and turns it into a fairy with shimmering coats.

Han-River-da-nang (10)

Han River in mid-day looks like a giant mirror

Han-River-da-nang (11)

Sunset on Han River

Han-River-da-nang (12)

A fairy fell from Heave inside Da Nang city

Han-River-da-nang (13)

Boats relax after a hard-working day

Han-River-da-nang (14)

Two sides of Han river by night

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