Discover A New And Beautiful Cave in Dong Van Plateau

According to Mr. Hang Duong Thanh, deputy director of People’s Committee, Quan Ba district, Ha Giang province; the district has just found one new cave with pristine stalagmite system in Lung Khuy village, Quan Ba commune.

The cave is said that it is more beautiful than other ones in Ha Giang province in general and Dong Van Plateau in particular. This cave is described with a lot of geological values and potentials of tourism development. The untouched beauty and splendid stalagmites created a rare beauty that is estimated more beautiful than other caves which have been discovered in Ha Giang province.

The deeper we go inside, the more stalagmites it appears. The cave was created after many long years with the splendid beauty. A lot of white pure stalagmites in different shapes look like giant stone lithophone or towers or pure flowers.

Together with the geological value, landscapes of Dong Van Plateau has been recognized as the Global Geopark by UNESCO, Lung Khuy cave need conserving to become an ideal destination for tourists in the journey of discovering Dong Van Plateau.

Wonderful images of Lung Khuy cave:

lung-khuy-cave (1)

Lung Khuy cave with a lot of stalagmites have been created after many long years.

lung-khuy-cave (2)

Untouched stalagmites in different shapes.

lung-khuy-cave (3)

A lot of stalagmites gather like a giant lithophone.

lung-khuy-cave (4)

Some stalagmites look like flowers and towers.

lung-khuy-cave (5)

A lot of strange shapes make tourists curious.

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