Discover Immense Cu Lao Cham Island

It is about one hour from Hoi An by boat, visitors can enjoy pristine white sand beaches, stunning coral reefs and fresh seafood.

Means of transport:

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If coming to Hoi An, do not miss the opportunity to visit Cu Lao Cham Island to enjoy the peaceful and pristine beauty here. From Hoi An, you can choose canoe or boat to the island. If you want to save time, you should go canoeing, just 20 minutes but more expensive (about VND 150,000/ person). Otherwise, you spend about 2 hours to travel by boat to the island (VND 30,000 -50,000/ person), but you will enjoy the feeling of floating on waves and enjoying the vast scene of the sea. In Cu Lao Cham island, you can rent a boat tour around the island or take the tour company.


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You can go in one day or if they want to stay overnight, homestay is an interesting option. You can enjoy the stunning beauty of this island. Most residents have a room for rent, cooking service for guests. Room rates around VND 50,000.

Places to visit:

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Museum of Cu Lao Cham Island: this is the first place you would dock. You will learn about the history, the traditions and festivals, and products of the sea.

Beautiful beaches: blue water, gentle beaches with white and clean sand. You will also encounter natural stones bringing a wild scene but sexy. The water here is so clear that you can look down at the bottom.

Ancient Cham well is described in round tubular shape and an abundant supply of water for the people in the region.

Husband Stone: visitors will hear many legends of this natural rock.

Hai Tang pagoda was built in the 18th century.

Scuba diving: a famous marine conservation with biodiversity of many rare species. You will feel interesting with coral reefs full of color, purple starfish, etc.

Go to market: Cu Lao Cham seafood market serves a variety of seafood. Remember to borrow a bag from homeowners because people on the island do not plastic bags.


Lots of fresh seafood such as squid, lobster, fish, etc.


There is a lot of dried seafood as gifts for you such as squid, fish, etc.

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