Discover Western Street In Phan Thiet

Since Vietnam’s tourism became popular, the beautiful S-shaped land has welcomed tourists from different countries around the world. Like the natives, foreign tourists choose town centers as destinations for entertainment or dating on the journey of discovery. Gradually, to meet the needs of foreign visitors, café shops, bars, restaurants serving western dishes are built more and more, become attractive destinations for both domestic and foreign tourists. This location is also known as the Western Street. Now, Travelvietnamtoday introduce you Western Street in Phan Thiet.

Western Street In Phan Thiet

Western Street In Phan Thiet (1)

Phan Thiet with crystal blue sea

Like areas in Pham Ngu Lao street, De Tham street in Ho Chi Minh city or Nguyen Thien Thuat, Tran Phu in Nha Trang, Nguyen Dinh Chieu street, Ham Tien area, Phan Thiet are forming Western Street.

Western Street In Phan Thiet (2)

The Western Street next to the crystal blue sea coast

Travelling Phan Thiet in this summer, visiting the bustling Western Street, you will be surprised at signboards with foreign languages such as English, French, Russian, Japanese and even it is quite hard to find Vietnamese signboards. There are some foreign owners who fall in love with this land and do business there.

At night, taking a stroll on the Western Street is an ideal choice for hot days. Cool breeze from sea and not too noisy atmosphere of the street give tourists wonderful feelings. There, you can choose souvenir gifts for friends and relatives.

Western Street In Phan Thiet (3)

An eye- catching range of restaurants

Modern resorts in Mui Ne are described with restful and tranquil space. It also supplies entertainments for tourists, especially suitable to foreign tourists such as rubber boats, surfboards, buoys with professional rescue teams. At resorts, you can walk on Western Street in every evening to enjoy Phan Thiet in perfect way.

Western Street In Phan Thiet (4)

Resort Mui Ne with many attractive amenities

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