Endless Color Strip- Pristine Beauty Of Northwest Area

Through the contest “Vietnam- Endless Color Strip” of VnExpress, famous tourism lands of Vietnam appear more beautiful and more authentic. In addition, less seen landscapes through the contest become more romantic and attractive. Here is Pristine Beauty Of Northwest Area by Vu Nam Duong.

Pristine Beauty Of Northwest Area

Poetic and stunning beauty but very rustic is taken by photographer Vu Nam Duong in his product “Admire pristine beauty of Northwest Area Vietnam”. Northwest area always comes with elegant beauty of mountainous girls.

Pristine Beauty Of Northwest Area (1)

Rice terrain fields of Northwest area

Rice terrain fields are intimate images of Northwest area. Such this beauty is lively reproduced by photographer Vu Nam Duong. Looking photos of Northwest area, we love our country more though overcoming ups and downs, it still keeps pristine and stunning beauties.

Pristine Beauty Of Northwest Area (2)

Simple stilt houses of northwest ethnic people

Through photos of Vu Nam Duong, the life of northwest ethnic people appears clearly and lively. Simple stilt houses among endless mountains and forest, native smile of children and optimistic life of ethnic people make viewers think about the difficulty and shortage of ethnic people.

Pristine Beauty Of Northwest Area (3)

Native smile of children

Yellow rice paddies under golden sunshine are taken in photos. Authentic photos bring viewers interesting and curious feelings; and then attracted by this pristine beauty that urge tourists come to discover.

Pristine Beauty Of Northwest Area (4)

Harvested rice paddies under sunshine

 “Admire pristine beauty of northwest Area Vietnam” is really as beautiful as its name. Beholding landscapes of northwest area, tourists feel more optimistic and full of energy. Northwest area deserves a should- visit destination during the journey of discovering colorful life and Vietnam beauty.

Pristine Beauty Of Northwest Area (5)

The beauty of rape flowers in the Northwest area

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