Financial Preparation For Travelling

You should check bank card statement, the balance and remember the hot line number of the bank or change the PIN code before travelling

Financial issues are vital to each trip, especially when travelling overseas. If you do not have enough cash or lost credit card, get any trouble with payment, your dream holiday would become a nightmare. Therefore, it is important to be well-prepared for financial case in advance to avoid being unwantedly homeless.

Contact with the bank and check the account

Before the trip, you have to contact with the bank to ensure that your account is enable to conduct payment abroad and how much the balance is now. It is not useless as many people have been assured with their credit cards then they have got problems in foreign countries; just because credit cards are being locked with many unexpected reasons or the balance is not sufficient as you think.

Financial Preparation For Travelling

Financial matters stress a headache for everyone before the trip

Remember the bank’s emergency phone number

Save the hot line number of bank to use in emergency cases such as losing credit card key or getting troubles in payment overseas. Along with hot line number, you should ask the bank about any other contact ways.

Change bank PIN code

According to previous travellers’ experience, you should change the PIN code of all cards before travelling. Furthermore, you should search about the serial number of PIN code allowed in your arrival countries, for instance, some countries accept only four characters not six. Don’t forget to try several times to assure that the new PIN code has been accepted.

Know regulations of fee transaction in foreign countries

In general, 3% is the rate you have to pay for transactions in overseas countries. Besides, transaction fee is also charged when withdrawing cash. If you use international banks, you have to pay fee one more time. It is better to know all these fees to consider when using credit card or withdrawing cash for payment.

Bring local money

Although the balances in your credit cards are high; you still need to prepare some spare cash comfortably, even local money. A lot of services do not accept card payment such as: transportation and food expenses. In addition, in some luxurious hotels, though you pay all the room fees, you are still required to leave deposit for risks arising from expensive assets.

Divide money into several parts

According to tourism specialists, you had better divide saving money for the trip such as 20 million into two parts; one part (10 million) will be exchanged into cash and brought along you, the left part will be transferred to different bank cards which are enable to withdraw abroad in the case of 10 million cash is spent. This ensures that you do not need bring too much cash and you have back up plan for unexpected cases.

Additionally, you should bring a credit card (Visa or Master Card Credit) with sufficient credit limit to assure to pay comfortably all transactions during the trip.

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