Foreign Tourists Also Feel Uneasy With Intensive Hot Vietnam

Foreign Tourists Also Feel Uneasy With Intensive Hot Vietnam. Despite living in cool weather condition, like sunshine, in recent days, foreign tourists also feel uneasy with intensive hot Vietnam.

Intensive Hot Vietnam  (1)

In recent days around Hanoi Old Quarter where there are many foreign tourists, about from 12 pm to 1 pm, they start to feel tired because of intensive hot.

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For tourists from cool countries, Vietnam has strength of long stretching beaches and sunshine all year around. But this recent hot spell has made many foreign tourists stay in café shops or hotels.

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On these days, instead of taking a stroll as usual, foreign tourists choose to sit on cyclo with roof to avoid heat.

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At Ha Long boat wharf, due to intensive hot, foreign tourists select wide-brimmed hats, or palm leaf hats to cope with the harsh heat.

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For older tourists, walking down the street under the current harsh heat is a torment. Despite using umbrella, foreign tourists still feel suffocated when going out at noon in Hanoi.

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Two foreign tourists are waiting patiently under the heat to cross street in the old quarter of Hanoi.

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While the Vietnamese girls are equipped with sun protection clothing, foreign girls bareheaded, wear short sleeves although it was very sunny.

Intensive Hot Vietnam  (8)

At tourist destinations, to reduce the harsh heat, they have to use screen mesh panels to reduce heat outside parking area.

Intensive Hot Vietnam  (9)

The harsh heat in Hanoi causes many visitors decide to buy beach tours to escape unusually heat in Vietnam.

Intensive Hot Vietnam  (10)

On each evening, some foreign tourists come to pubs in the Old Quarter for reducing heat.

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