Fresh Tasty Seafood In Mekong Delta Vietnam

Mekong river is originated from the Tibetan plateau, flows through 6 countries and pours into Vietnam after a long journey, carrying sediment and a rich amount of fish for the Mekong Delta region. The Cuu Long river is a branch of the Mekong River before flowing into the sea.

tasty-seafood-mekong-delta (1)

Image of Mekong Delta people go fishing

The excellent conditions have helped Mekong Delta have a good, nutritious and weird food. This is also a factor that help Mekong Delta become tourist attractions.

tasty-seafood-mekong-delta (2)

Grilled snakehead fish

Visiting Mekong Delta region, there are so many delicious dishes that tourists can explore not only grilled snakehead fish but also grilled hamsters, goby soup, pancakes, fish noodles, grilled chicken, etc.

tasty-seafood-mekong-delta (3)

Delicious goby soup

tasty-seafood-mekong-delta (4)

Fish cooked in clay pot

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