Friendly Phu Yen And Easy Transportation

Phu Yen is described with peaceful roads full of coconut trees and delicious but affordable food.

Locations for Entertainment

– Walking around Tuy Hoa City is a good experience. Such a quiet city with many beautiful ancient houses is a passion to a lot of photographers.

– There are no places that have as beautiful rice fields as it in Tuy Hoa. Endless fields are not far from the city center.

– Driving up the Swallow hill to admire the city of Tuy Hoa and nice Da Rang river.

– Walking along the seaside road to the Long Thuy village, there are a lot of shops nearby.  Xep beach is very beautiful with smooth sand and the way to Xep beach is lined up with coconut trees and green vegetable fields.

– Must visit the Cliffs of Stone Plates 40 km apart and drop in on An Hai for seafood and O Loan lagoon. On the way to the Cliffs of Stone Plates, there is a beautiful dam and ancient Mang Lang church.

– If you have time, drive to Bridge river to go to very beautiful unspoiled beaches such as Bau beach, Om beach, Rang beach, etc.


Afternoon at the Xep beach

– Heading to the south to Dien cape lighthouse. This is the place to welcome the earliest dawn of the Vietnam easternmost. Travellers can contact to Mr. Muoi Mui Dien: 0983187381 for camp rentals and cooking for everyone.

– Beautiful Han dam for spring bath

– Vung Ro Bay is a beautiful bay for photophraph.

– You are able to bath at the beach under the Co Ma mountain pass. The water here is very clean, pure and deep blue.

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