GIONG FESTIVAL – A World Heritage in Vietnam

The Giong Festival is a traditional festival in commemoration and praise of the mythical hero Saint Giong, one of four immortals of Vietnamese folk beliefs.
The Giong Festival is held in many locations throughout the northern part of Viet Nam, however the most typical ones are the Giong Festival at Phu Dong and Soc temples (Ha Noi).
Saint Giong is a great hero in Vietnam’s mythology, with his splendid merit in defending the country against foreign enemies.
On the main festival day, the seventh day which was the saint’s ascending to heaven day according to the legend, there is a procession of bamboo flowers to the Thuong Temple as offerings to the saint. The bamboo flowers are made of a bamboo pieces that are sharpened into flowers and dyed with various colors.
Soc temple
And Giong Festival 
The Giong Festival at Soc Temple

Time: 6th-8th day of 1st lunar month

Purpose: commemorate Saint Giong, hope for abundant harvests and happy lives


Ceremonies: cleaning Saint Giong’s statue, processions, incense offerings

Entertaining activities: playing folk games, enjoying traditional singings

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