Images of Beautiful Vietnam “Overwhelmed” In The Eyes Of Foreign Journalists

“If you have not visited Vietnam yet, such below photos will show you how a great country is. People, food, beaches and mountains, everything here are too fascinated. “

Overwhelmed-vietnam (1)

It is hard to resist pretty small and poetic lanterns in the ancient town of Hoi An.

Overwhelmed-vietnam (2)

The city park is full of artists playing music and dancers.

Overwhelmed-vietnam (3)

The fishing equipment from centuries ago has been handed for using today.

Overwhelmed-vietnam (4)

The beauty of beaches in Vietnam does not have to argue.

Overwhelmed-vietnam (5)

Bridges are also beautiful.

Overwhelmed-vietnam (6)

Ninh Binh brings the beauty of Ha Long Bay, but here, the mountains rising up between the ocean are replaced by lush green fresh fields.

Overwhelmed-vietnam (7)

Vietnam has extremely valuable and unique religious culture, including the custom of worshiping and incense burning to ancestors.

Overwhelmed-vietnam (8)

Vietnam has a Son Doong cave – the largest cave found in the world today.

Overwhelmed-vietnam (9)

Even smaller caves are extremely beautiful.

Overwhelmed-vietnam (10)

Peaceful beauty of Hoan Kiem Lake in the heart of bustling Hanoi

Overwhelmed-vietnam (11)

The unique terraced fields

Overwhelmed-vietnam (12)

The roads in Vietnam seem to be made for those who love riding motorcycle.

Overwhelmed-vietnam (13)

Tourists can catch the beauty of the Sahara right in the Mui Ne, Binh Thuan

Overwhelmed-vietnam (14)

Picturesque scene.

Overwhelmed-vietnam (15)

Vietnam brings a lot of diverse beauties, from high mountains to the depth of the sea.

Overwhelmed-vietnam (16)

The people of Vietnam are renowned for hospitality with permanent smiles on their lips.

Overwhelmed-vietnam (17)

Those who love traveling, do not hesitate to backpack and admire the amazing beauty of Vietnam.

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