Lively Ninh Thuan With Herds Of Sheep

Lively Ninh Thuan With Herds Of Sheep. As the harshest climate province in Vietnam, Ninh Thuan is sunny all year round, but it is also a land of sheep.

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Sheep are very early animals in Ninh Thuan, from more than 100 years ago, the French tested them in this land. Ninh Phuoc, Bac Ai and Thuan Bac are three districts of Ninh Thuan province with the huge number of sheep.

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Every day, around 8am, people here herd the sheep into the fields or mountains. The main food of the sheep is weeds. They raise sheep for breed and for meat separately in the different camps.

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Due to the hot weather all year round, low rainfall, just three months (from September to November), the sheep is only raised for meat because its leather is not beautiful and mostly bare.

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In Ninh Thuan, Cham families raise sheep for big bosses. Their whole families live in the sheep farm, lack of water, far from market and school; hence they have a hard life.

Households with small-scale farms (several tens to 200 sheep) often hire children shepherd. About three or four children shepherd sheep for many families.

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Each household has its own mark by colors for their sheep.

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Right from given birth and raised to 8-9 months, a sheep weighs 35-40 kg. Each female sheep can give birth one to three kid sheep.

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In normal weather conditions, just about 4 – 5 pm, when the sun is off, it will be herded to the farm. If it rains heavily, the sheep will itself come back the farm.

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