Lotus – Vietnam’s national flower


Lotus flower has been regarded as Vietnam’s national flower. Lotus symbolizes the beauty, commitment, health, honor and knowledge. Lotus flowers grow from the muddy pond but their seed grow toward the direction of the sun light, which represent the purity of spirit.



Lotus is said to be the symbol of summer as it often blossoms in summer time when there is a lot of bright sunlight. At night the flower closes and sinks underwater, at dawn it rises and opens again.

NDK_9Tens of thousands of Vietnamese people across the country visited Sen Village

Especially, hometown of the late president Ho Chi Minh names Lotus Village and behalf lotus flowers are most beautiful when it is compared with the image of Uncle Ho- the beloved elderly father and leader of Vietnam.

colors-of-lottusFive different colors of Lotus

Usually found in five different colors; white, red, blue, purple and pink, each kind of lotus flower has its own meaning. The white lotus is said to denote purity of the mind and spiritual perfection. The red lotus, on the other hand, stands for the heart and hence, symbolizes love, passion, compassion and the qualities akin to the original nature of the heart.

lotus-root_625x350_41421644282Cook Sensational With Lotus Roots

che-sen-che-hue-sweet-soups-hue-foodLotus sweet soup 

In addition to its delicate beauty, lotus plants also play various roles in Vietnamese cuisine. Young lotus stems are used as a salad ingredient, and the stamens can be dried and used to impart a fragrant scent to tea leaves.

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