About 8 km from Da Lat City between Prenn mountain pass, Datanla is one of the largest waterfalls in Da Lat. The waterfall is surrounded by vast green pine forests, as a tourist destination attracting a large number of local and foreign visitors come to enjoy the sound of pine woods and waterfall, then explore the unspoiled beauty of Highland region.


Wild and charm beauty of Datanla waterfall

Datanla waterfalls with copious amounts of water, flush down from seven majestic waterfall’s steps. The clear water stream flows through granite rocks and flush down with white foam. According to the legend, fairies often came here to play and bathe in the cool and clear water.

Datanla-waterfall-da-lat (1)

The majestic clear water stream flows through granite rocks

In another aspect, this waterfall is known as Death because of its noisy sound, thick water vapor and slippery cliffs. The waterfall really challenges bloody tourists to explore and conquer the challenges of nature.

Datanla-waterfall-da-lat (2)

The slippery rocks make the waterfall more dangerous

Datanla-waterfall-da-lat (3)

Tourists find interesting to conquer the waterfall.

Datanla-waterfall-da-lat (4)

Sitting on the slide to move up and down can discover panoramic waterfall Datanla

Datanla-waterfall-da-lat (5)

The beauty of Datanla

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