Mekong On The Top River Tours In 2016

Tourists selecting the tour Mekong River will have the opportunity to explore the culture, nature and local people, particularly the cuisine of Vietnam and Cambodia.

For cuisine believers

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Tourists to Vietnam and Cambodia will be tempted by culinary culture, countless sceneries and beautiful temples. Experience the journey along the Mekong River will be complete when you enjoy fresh food such as fried fish, noodles and many other specialties. A trip like that can last 15 days, allowing tourists stop in famous attractions like Hanoi, Siem Reap, Ho Chi Minh City.

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For people who like to discover

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Coming to Myanmar, guests will explore tours on Irranwaddy river, admire the beauty and attraction of villages, the old colonial architecture in Yangon, pagodas, temples in Bagan and the jungle.

For wine connoisseurs

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Arriving in a dreaming France, guests can enjoy a boat trip through the wine lands, enjoy kinds of wine on the river Saône and Rhône. To Portugal, tourists can enjoy a variety of wine culture over the 7-day trip on the river Douro from Porto city. Famous wine towns are Pinhao, Quinta de Avelada, Mateus and Quinta do Seixo.

For Family

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The river trip is often not suitable for little kids however with an older age, they are very excited. Several companies offer boat tours for families in the Eurozone. Especially cruise on the Danube river, through the medieval citadels in Slovakia, famous ferry in Vienna, cycling along the river, or visiting some art venues.

For people who prefer the luxury

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Guests will enjoy a boat trip on splendor interior equipment. For example, rooms with crystal chandeliers, marble swimming pool and a small cinema. Antoinette is a luxury yacht tour of 7 days away from Basel, Switzerland.

For people who love plants

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A number of companies design cruises from Amsterdam during tulip season in April. Visitors can enjoy a full day at Keukenhof, the garden with about 800 species to different tulips.

For nature lovers

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Assam is not only famous for its own flavored teas, it also has a special place under the shadow of the Himalayas, with wild natural environment. Brahmaputra river comes from mountains and flows down Bengal, passing through pristine landscapes, including the giant sand island.

For music lovers

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The cruise on the Mississippi River has been famous for many years, mainly the tour operators here are from the UK. Mississippi was famous thanks to the superlative beauty in the world, from the pages of Mark Twain’s writing and music works. If you choose a tour here, visitors will be passing through Nashville, visiting the famous RCA studio, the Blues capital Memphis, Graceland and the hometown of New Orleans jazz.

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