Monkey Island – Nha Trang

Going to Monkey Island, tourists not only admire ecstatic natural landscapes, immerse themselves in the romantic atmosphere but also have fun with the monkeys here. It has been becoming the appealing ecotourism attracting numerous tourists.

Situated 15km from Nha Trang coastal city to the north, Nha Phu Bay is a poetic paradise with blue waves, turquoise water and dreaming natural landscapes. In such peaceful scenery, Monkey Island, also known as Hon Lao Island, emerges as the glittering gem among the immense blue of the sea. The island is home to over 1,200 monkeys.


A breathtaking view of Monkey Island (Photo: Internet)

Monkeys on the island which have been domesticated include 2 categories: Macaca Rhérus and Macaca Fassicularit. They are extremely friendly to tourists; sometimes bring laughter to tourists taking part in any Nha Trang tours for its loving mischief. Especially, there are 3 troops of monkey in the island, all of which are under the control and management of a male monkey. This monkey is called monkey King with a beautiful face, muscular body and full of mighty. Accessing Monkey King and taking the photo with him is probably the desire of any tourists when arriving here.



Monkeys on Monkey Island Nha Trang (Photo: Internet)

Setting foot in one of the most magnificent attractions in Nha Trang, tourists will be fascinated by wild natural landscapes and enjoy a fresh atmosphere. The pristine reefs and colorful coral reefs on the blue background of the sea promisingly bring tourists moments of relaxation, refreshing on their trip in Nha Trang.


Pristine reefs in Monkey Island Nha Trang (Photo: Internet)

The elaborately trained monkeying circuses in Monkey Island are one of attractions of Monkey Island. Tourists will admire the fascinating performances such as “Monkey catches balls”, “Monkey mills rice”, “Monkey pounds rice”, “Monkey does fitness”, “Monkey passes obstacles” …. Especially, walking to the wild forest at the end of the island, tourists will be surely surprised and amazed at friendliness and mischief of monkeys, which creates the close feeling with the wild nature the Creator bestowed the wonderful land.


Monkey show (Photo: Internet)

Not only owning romantic natural scenery and sandy shores like smooth silk strip, Monkey Island also makes tourists infatuated with exciting activities and beach games such as swimming, sunbath, jetski, parachute or kayak…which offers the refreshing feeling. With scuba-diving, tourists can enjoy the mystical hidden beauty at the bottom of the ocean along with professional guides and modern diving equipment.


Swimming at Monkey Island beach (Photo: Internet)


Diving on Monkey Island (Photo: Internet)

All promisingly bring an exciting Nha Trang tour with the lasting impression on lovely monkeys on this beautiful island. Monkey Island is worth one of the most impressive attractions in Nha Trang, strongly alluring both domestic and foreign tourists.

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