National Oceanographic Museum of Vietnam

The National Oceanographic Museum of Vietnam is an interesting aquarium in which you can gain the exact image of Nha Trang marine environment. Open to public since 1922, the institute also sponsors ongoing research and community projects, such as captive breeding programmes, preservation and regeneration of local coral reefs.


Located at 1 Cau Da Street, next to Cau Da Whalf, about 6km from Nha Trang City center, National Oceanographic Museum of Vietnam is a leading marine research institute in South East Asia. It has currently stored and preserved thousands of specimens of thousands of marine species.

The collection of this museum is so extensive that it spans two floors within a French colonial building in Cau Da (a few kilometres south of Nha Trang town centre). The ground floor houses glass tanks of various sizes filled with marine life such as reef sharks, turtles, scorpion fish, anemones, puffers, and lionfish as well as coral reefs and seaweed from many parts of the world. For clarification, each tank is also labelled with the name, origin, and characteristics in Vietnamese and English.


Inside Nha Trang Oceanography Institute (Photo: Internet)


Scorpaenidae (Photo: Internet)


Coral reefs and seaweed (Photo: Internet)

Meanwhile, the upstair floor is for exhibiting specimens, local boats and fishing artifacts, plus an 18 metre long whale skeleton. Over its long history, this museum has been holding more than 20000 specimens of tropical marine creatures. Apart from the real fishes, there are also rare species’ skeletons or bodies preserved in formaldehyde solution. There are even finds of endemic species from Kampuchean Vietnamese seas and from other nearby countries, some of which are extremely rare, like the dugong or sea cow. Kids are often very excited to visit the big tropical turtles and crocodiles.


Gigantic whale skeleton on display at the National Oceanographic Museum of Vietnam (Photo: Internet)


Giant squid in preserved in formaldehyde solution (Photo: Internet)


Pickled Dugong in the National Oceanographic Museum of Vietnam (Photo: Internet)

specimen-room-nha-trang-oceanographic-institute-845 (1)

Specimen Room – National Oceanographic Museum of Vietnam (Photo: Internet)

Visitors can also enjoy several themed exhibitions of the institute’s development in research equipment and technology as well as rooms that illustrate natural disasters, sacred legends and traditions, and fishing culture in Vietnam.

The National Oceanographic Museum of Vietnam has established itself as a trustworthy destination for nature- and ocean-lovers. Visiting the Museum, tourists not only have a chance to comfortably contemplate the unique marine life, but also certainly have much useful knowledge on the potential and conservation work of Vietnamese oceanography as well as citizens’ awareness of protecting the ocean.

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