Necessary Preparation For Discovering Vietnam Caves

Bring helmets, candles, matches or a set of clothing outside cave’s mouth to wear before coming back home is necessary things that you must remember.

Clothing: caves are usually cold and wet; hence, you should prepare thick and water-proof clothing that is convenient for trekking, climbing, etc. To avoid cold, you should wear jacket or sweaters to keep warm.

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High grip shoes to avoid slippery

Your knees and elbows should be covered with padding in case of crawling in narrow paths. In addition, you should place a set of clothing outside cave’s mouth to wear before coming back home.

Accompany tools: lights, helmets, cave map, waterproof matches, ropes, rope ladder, gloves, compass, first aid kit. Moreover, you should take following notes into account:

Lights: You should use high-power lights. Each person should prepare at least 3 lights (can take preventive pins and bulbs).

In case there is only the last light left, you have to go back soon. If there is no lighting equipment left, you need to sit in place to await rescue. Moving in dark is very dangerous.


You select types of hats made of hard material and fastened for sure

Helmets: some caves’ ceilings are rough and have stalactites so you should use types of climbing helmets. If not, please replace it with hats for workers or helmet.

Water and food: you should bring water because water inside caves is not hygiene enough. Depending on your schedule, you should bring enough food and water. Necessary food is fruits, synthesis protein and instant canned food.

A small bag: You should use a small hip bag to store most frequently used equipment.

The structure of the cave and the purpose for your journey decide necessary tools. With first place to discover, you should only carry basic equipment.

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