New Rendezvous- Da Nang Love Bridge

Da Nang Love Bridge on Han River (Da Nang) which was just inaugurated quickly becomes a new dating rendezvous for young people and tourists to the city.

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Love Bridge is situated at the beginning of Dragon Bridge, Tran Hung Dao Street, Son Tra district, Da Nang. This is a bridge that was built as a marina.

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Visitors do not have to buy ticket when come to the Love Bridge.  The bridge is designed in arc shape with 68 m long, 6 m wide, towards the middle of the river and there is plenty of space to admire the beauty of the two banks of the Han River. In the evening, hundreds of heart-shaped red lanterns are lit up.

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This construction is designed as a sample of famous Love Lock bridges as Pont des Arts (France), Hohenzollern (Germany), Milvio (Italy), etc.

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In first days in use, The Company offering padlocks gave 200 locks free of charge. Due to overcrowding of people, such these free locks were quickly “sold out”. The youth who want “love locks” will spend the cost VND80, 000 / padlock, or buy from outside without encountering obstacles.

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Has been put into use for more a month, the Love Bridge has attracted thousands of young people who come to express their love.

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Hundreds of padlocks were hook on the love bridge.

da-nang-love-bridge (7)

Many couples put their names on padlocks.

da-nang-love-bridge (8)

Or write your own name in order to save the sign of love.

da-nang-love-bridge (9)

Many of padlocks are carved anniversary date of couples.

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Love Bridge is a destination for selfie of young people.

da-nang-love-bridge (11)

Many couples also seek to save the anniversary.

da-nang-love-bridge (12)

Two foreign guests enjoy capturing in Love Bridge in Da Nang.

da-nang-love-bridge (13)

Many families also take a stroll on Love Bridge.

da-nang-love-bridge (15)

Recently, the couple Mr. Duc and Mrs. Hoa has become the focus at Love Bridge. The couple married for 5 years, and Mr. Duc decided to surprise his wife by declaring his love between the crowded before his far business trip.

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The Love Bridge with carp symbol is also an interesting place to watch the fireworks in Da Nang during Tet festivals and fireworks competition which is held internationally every 2 years.

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