Northern Vietnam Destinations On Independence Day

On occasion of Vietnam Independence Day, it is an ideal time for journeys together with close friends, family and relatives. Below are nice and attractive destinations that cannot miss in northern Vietnam. Northern Vietnam Destinations On Independence Day.

Co To Island

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Wooden houses are next to the sea edge of Co To island.

Beaches here are always attractive for visitors at all ages. During holidays on occasion of Vietnam Independence Day, it will be extremely attractive moments to play with waves, behold sunrise and sunset or enjoy fresh seafood.

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Many tourists come to Co To island in this year

Co To not only has sea but also the primeval forest and a beautiful path of love like a dream which visitors can leisurely ride bike. If you like exploring, you are able to cycle on the highest spot of Co To island, so called “Co To lighthouse” to admire the beautiful island from high position.

Dong Mo Green Space

It is about 40 km from Hanoi city center and the beginning point of Son Tay- Ba Vi tourism complex. Dong Mo ecotourism center is one of the nearest tourist destinations of Hanoi nearby and suitable for families on the national holiday.

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It meets three elements for a relaxing place: pure nature, with many entertainments and dishes.

Romantic Sa Pa

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Subtle beauty of mountain scenery in Sa Pa

Sa Pa fascinates visitors by the magical beauty of mountains, endless terraced fields and houses hidden in the green of trees and of heaven and earth. Sa Pa also attracts tourists with the poetic beauty of highland markets and of couples in colorful costumes who meet together, sing, blow flute, etc.

You are able to visit Dragon Jaw Mountain which keeps mysterious legends of dragons, majestic waterfall or conquer Fansipan Mount- the roof of Indochina.

Tourists can also get Cat Cat which is the oldest village of Mong ethnic people and keeps traditional crafts such as cotton planting, woven fabrics and crafted jewelry. Attractiveness of Cat Cat is also described with old houses and wife pulling custom.

Peace on Moc Chau Plateau

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The atmosphere in Moc Chau is one of the rare and most precious gifts of the land. It is cool in summer, chilly in autumn, cold in winter and warm in spring.

Northern Vietnam Destinations On Independence Day

A lovely girl among green tea hills

Tourists will get exciting experiences when wandering on green tea hills, being ecstasy among red plum gardens, and relaxing with the cool vapor from Dai Yem waterfall and Chieng Khoa Fall. Water from waterfalls pours down day and night, which gives visitors a sense of euphoria, and excited in front of spectacular natural scenery of earth and sky.

Right in the center of Moc Chau is Bat Cave (Son Moc Huong Cave), standing on the cave entrance and look into a large valley with seven small mountains like seven jewels. From the entrance, visitors can observe the whole Moc Chau town.

Thung Nai, Hoa Binh province

About 100 km from Hanoi and located in Cao Phong, Hoa Binh, Thung Nai is also compared as Ha Long on Land. This place is described with beautiful and romantic landscapes. It is a perfect combination between rivers and mountains. Thung Nai contains a pristine and peaceful beauty.

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Visiting Thung Nai, you will be completed separated from busy and bustle life and enjoy relaxing moments and romantic landscapes.

Ba Be Lake- Ban Gioc Waterfall

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Ban Gioc waterfall- the most beautiful and most majestic fall in Southeast Asia

Ba Be Lake (Bac Kan province) is known as “Paradise of Lake”. There is nothing wonderful than floating on Ba Be lake at night to see mountains and rivers on occasion of holidays.

Moreover, tourists are able to visit Ban Gioc water fall- the most beautiful and most majestic fall in Southeast Asia. Ban Gioc waterfall is located in the border line between Vietnam and China. On sunny days, the waterfall creates romantic, shimmering, and magical rainbows.

Tam Dao, Vinh Phuc

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About 80 km from Hanoi, Tam Dao is considered an ideal relaxing place in Northern Vietnam. Coming to Tam Dao, tourists will first feel cool atmosphere and tranquil space that is hard to find elsewhere in Northern Vietnam.

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Along with climbing high mountains, tourists can visit Ba Chua Thuong Ngan temple, Tam Dao ancient church, etc. The special thing in Tam Dao is to enjoy famous specialties such as: Tam Dao chayote, chicken meat raised in mountains, etc.

Cat Ba, Hai Phong

cat ba beach 3

Cat Ba is a poetic and beautiful island and known as Pearl Island. It is located at the altitude of 70 meters. Infrastructure is developed with the complex of hotels, motels, resorts, temples, etc. It is ideal if families want to visit and explore.

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