Remember A Harvest Season In Bac Son

Around 160 km away Hanoi along 1B highway, Bac Son valley on last days of July becomes most brilliant because of a coming harvest season.

Totally located in a valley area and surrounded by endless mountains, Bac Son town in Bac Son district, Lang Son province is described with different weather and soil compared to surround regions. Thanks to favorable natural condition, local people are able to cultivate two rice seasons each year. The harvest season takes place in the end of July and November. While rice terraced fields in Northern Vietnam are still green, these ones in Bac Son are going to be harvested. However, rice fields in Bac Son are not planted at the same time, landscapes here also become more distinguish.

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Straw burning smokes fly high. Farmers usually burn it after harvesting. Picture by Huong Chi

If visiting Bac Son in this time, tourists will have a chance to admire brilliant natural pictures made of colors of ripen rice fields. Especially, between yellow rice parts are harvested ones or newly cultivated with young rice. Bac Son is sometimes compared as brocade that is made of opposite colors and woven by master hands of hard-working farmers.

To sightsee the rice valley, tourists have to climb up Na Lay mountain. Worth waiting moments are dawn, sunset and a brilliant town under the mountain foot. The hidden charm has attracted a lot of amateur as well as professional photographers and young backpackers. They usually wait after a rain when the sky in Bac Son turns clear again. It reveals a clear and stunning natural picture.

Besides the attraction of rice fields in the harvest season, the valley landscape is also attractive with floating clouds in early morning. Layers of thick white clouds cover long hills and look as a soft blanket which takes viewers a long time to enjoy. Around 5:30 am, the sun rises behind endless mountains in distance. The dawn in Bac Son is more and more brilliant with sunbeams.

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Bac Son dawn is viewed from viba station. Picture by Huong Chi

After sightseeing the dawn, tourists are able to visit Quynh Son cultural village, traditional tile village or the town under mountain foot. Talking with children and villagers about daily life in Tay stilt houses will give tourists unforgettable memories. In the late afternoon, it is great to walk on winding roads with one side of vast rice fields and burned straw dunes.

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