Sao Da Lat– An Interesting Red Basaltic Soil Tourism Area

The famous landscapes such as the Chicken Church, top Lang Biang, Truc Lam Zen monastery, College of Teacher Training, etc. are sculpted from red basaltic soil.

sao-da-lat (1)

Situated on a gentle hill along the lake Tuyen Lam (Da Lat), Sao Da Lat tourism area is a new exciting destination for tourists because of the sculptural works from red basalt soil.

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Starting from the entrance of the tourism area, open tunnels work as tour guides directing tourists to visit Da Lat via images. Two sides of walls of the tunnel are the work of art that is formed from basalt soil, simulating the formation of Da Lat and famous buildings in the city of flowers.

sao-da-lat (11)

Walking along the tunnel is typical images of Lach people, Co Ho people, the first indigenous inhabitants of the city on the Lam Vien Plateau.

sao-da-lat (9)

The images of daily life of ethnic people are sculpted here.

sao-da-lat (4)

Truc Lam Zen monastery

sao-da-lat (8)

The Chicken Church

sao-da-lat (2)

The College of Teacher Training and Domaine de Marie church

sao-da-lat (7)

A locomotive at the Da Lat station

sao-da-lat (5)

Not only sculptural works, the tunnel’s wall is also decorated with Vespa motorbikes.

sao-da-lat (6)

A popular song by musician Nguyen Tuong

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