Seven Should-Buy Souvenirs In Hoi An

In addition to the works of embroidery and paintings, Hoi An even has more attractive souvenirs for you as gifts.

Bronze Statues

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The sculpture with bronze materials are sold everywhere in the old town. Prices range is from VND 130,000 to VND 350,000 depending on the size. These are all products made of famous Phuoc Kieu bronze casting village.

Wood Carvings

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Artisans come from Kim Bong carpentry village. For more convenience, many people directly open workshops in the old town Hoi An. Price per item ranges from VND 120,000 to VND 300,000 depending on the type.

Key Chains

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Not the most typical kinds of souvenirs, but key chains are sold a lot here and you can buy as a gift. The shop is concentrated near the temples and ancient houses. It costs VND 5,000 onwards.

3D Cards

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3d Cards are not sold in the luxury shops but on the sidewalks. This item is loved by many tourists because of its sophistication and subtlety. It starts from VND 40,000/ card.

Ceramic Products

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Ceramic products are made from Thanh Ha Pottery Village, Hoi An. No varieties of designs, but these are still popular souvenirs for cheap. You can buy three small products at the price of VND 5,000.


seven-should-buy-souvenir-hoi-an (5)

Lanterns are typical souvenirs of Hoi An. With the clever hands of craftsmen, lanterns here have many different styles, colors and different patterns. A small one costs VND 15,000. They are sold most in near Hoai river.




Silk Hoi An is characterized as cool, light and soft. From this material, clothing stores have launched a variety of products such as clothing, bags, towels, etc. The average price of a silk scarf starts from VND 150,000.

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