Six Differences Between Tet Holiday in Saigon and Hanoi

Hanoi and Saigon, two biggest cities of Vietnam, have much difference in culture, way of life, and activities. This is also clearly shown through Vietnamese traditional New Year, while Hanoi prefers peach blossoms, Saigon prefers yellow apricot flowers, Hanoi considers eggs as taboo, banana is its counterpart in Saigon, Hanoi enjoy Chung cake, Saigon enjoys Tet cake, etc.

Hanoi Square sticky rice cake, Saigon cylindrical sticky rice cake

Six-Differences-Between-Tet-Holiday-Saigon-Hanoi  (1)

Make Chung cake (square sticky rice cake)

Six-Differences-Between-Tet-Holiday-Saigon-Hanoi  (2)

Banh Tet (cylindrical sticky rice cake) is preferred by Saigon people

Hanoi likes peach blossoms, Saigon likes yellow apricot blossoms

Six-Differences-Between-Tet-Holiday-Saigon-Hanoi  (3)

Fresh peach flowers in blossom

Six-Differences-Between-Tet-Holiday-Saigon-Hanoi  (4)

Yellow apricot flowers in blossom

Hanoi In Cold, Saigon In Warm Sunshine

Six-Differences-Between-Tet-Holiday-Saigon-Hanoi  (5)

Hanoian wears warm coat.

Six-Differences-Between-Tet-Holiday-Saigon-Hanoi  (6)

Saigon in sunshine

Hanoi considers eggs as taboo, but its counterpart in Saigon is banana

Six-Differences-Between-Tet-Holiday-Saigon-Hanoi  (7)

Saigon prefers pork meat cooked with eggs while Hanoi considers eggs as taboo on Tet Holiday

Six-Differences-Between-Tet-Holiday-Saigon-Hanoi  (8)

Five- fruit trap of Hanoi people while Saigon people unlike banana on Tet holiday

Hanoi people visit relatives’ houses for Tet’s wishes while Saigon people prefer travelling

Six-Differences-Between-Tet-Holiday-Saigon-Hanoi  (11)

Young children present lucky money for adults

Six-Differences-Between-Tet-Holiday-Saigon-Hanoi  (12)

Suoi Tien tourism area in Saigon is jammed with tourists on Tet Holiday

Friends visit their houses, Hanoi invites tea, Saigon invites beer

Six-Differences-Between-Tet-Holiday-Saigon-Hanoi  (13)

A pot of hot tea on Tet holiday in the north

Six-Differences-Between-Tet-Holiday-Saigon-Hanoi  (14)

Saigon people like going out for beer on Tet holiday

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