Street Foods in Da Nang Attracts Foreign Tourists

Da Nang preserves regional cuisines with street foods which draw tourists such as grilled fish rice noodles, soup cake, fried snails with chili and citronella, etc.

  • Grilled fish rice noodles

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Grilled chopped meat is processed from pork, China squash and pineapple. Consommé is made according to the traditional way of Middle region. When you enjoy a bowl of rice noodle, you can appreciate the wonderful flavor of salt water fish, the spicy of chilli, garlic and the sweetness of shrimp paste. All these flavors make tourists more lavish with their praise. There is a wide range of restaurants famous for this street food, but the restaurants in Nguyen Chi Thanh Street and Hai Phong is more popular. Each bowl of rice noodle is about 25,000 VND.

  • Banana salad

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The main ingredient of this food is banana inflorescence, pork, shrimp and roasted peanuts. Banana inflorescence always attracts table companions because of local flavor. If you want to enhance your appetite by local dishes, banana spring roll is an adequate choice. The ideal address is on Hai Phong Street and each plate is about 30,000 VND.

  • Soup cake

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The ingredients to make this cake are cassava, wheat or rice depending on the season with thick size of cake and intense flavor of the pot of consommé from pork, crab and fish. A bowl of soup cake sweet-smelling eaten with bread makes dinners incredibly fascinated. The famous soup cake restaurants on Nguyen Du, Ha Thi Ngan and Dong Da Street are always densely crowded. Each bowl of soup cake is about 25,000 VND.

  • Sweet soup

Street Foods in Da Nang Attracts Foreign Tourists (1)

About 5,000 VND for each glass, sweet soup is a popular street food in Da Nang. It is considered as refreshment food which attracts both native and foreign tourists, especially the young generations in the end of hot summer. Sweet soup is variedly made so that dinners can freely choose based on their taste such as corn and tapioca rice pudding, mung bean paste balls, sweetened taro soup, sweetened moon bean soup, mung beans, small red beans, small cassava and rice flour dumplings… The ideal address is on Le Duan Street.

  • Fermented thick Vietnamese vermicelli soup

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Fermented anchovy is done to a turn and extracted to make fish sauce. The ingredients to make this dish are consisted of roasted pork, fine herbs, green papaya, peanuts, fried onion. All these ingredients are eaten with steamed pork and pork-pie. You can taste this dish in anywhere when you visit Da Nang. The most crowded restaurants are on Nguyen Chi Thanh, Huynh Thuc Khang. The price is about 20,000 VND.

  • Fried snails with chili and citronella

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Le Duan, Bui Thi Xuan, Dong Ke Street on the night is always crowded by people going there to enjoy the oceanic taste by the dish from snails. Ốc hút, ốc đinh, ốc bươu… is made in the distinctive way. For each fried snails with chilli and citronella plate, its price is about 15,000VND.

(Nguyen Thuy Duong)

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