Stunning Beauty Of Dau Tieng Lake

Stunning Beauty Of Dau Tieng Lake. About 90 km from Ho Chi Minh city, Dau Tieng lake is one of strange tourist destinations but suitable for a short weekend trip.

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Dau Tieng lake is situated in Dau Tieng district, Binh Duong province, however, majority of the basin is located on Duong Minh Chau district and partly in Tan Chau District, Tay Ninh province.

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This is not only a plenty water source for cultivation but also a stunning tourist attraction.

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Dau Tieng has a large space, natural landscape stretching along both sides of the lake that creates a natural charming and poetic picture. Small islands like Xin, Trang, Dong Bo creates new touches for visitors.

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Unique natural oasis and fresh air make visitors feel comfortable, suitable for those who like photographing, recording authentic and lively moments of nature. Here, tourists can enjoy excellent cuisine of the local.

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At dawn or dusk, it is the best moment for visitors to experience the peaceful beauty of the countryside, poetic beauty of a romantic land. It all becomes magical, seductive and shimmering, people seem to be one with the nature.

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East Cu Chi channel is one of must- visit tourist attractions in Dau Tieng lake. The channel quietly carries water from Dau Tieng lake in order to provide irrigation for agricultural land of 12 villages in the north of Cu Chi. Visiting East Channel in dry season, the landscape is very beautiful, pure blue water in the bottom and full of carp swimming in beneath. The rainy season is not suitable for sightseeing because it is quite muddy and slippery.

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Paths leading to East channel are considered as a mini backpacking tour for those who want to make a short schedule and want to stay away from the crowded and crammed status in Saigon.

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It should take about an hour to visit and admire Dau Tieng lake, so if you plan your day just to come here, it is very tasteless and boring. Add some destinations in your destinations such as: Nui Cau mountain, bamboo wood, bell tower in Thai Son pagoda or Ba Den mountain for an enjoyable trip.

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Typically, after discovering Nui Cau mountain along the road that is surrounded with bamboo wood or conquering the top of Nui Cau mountain with hundreds of steps, and from the top you will have a wide view toward the lake and Ba Den Mountain.

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After visiting Nui Cau mountain, you can go to Bamboo stream to visit Truc, and depending on rainy or dry season, Truc stream has water or not. In dry season, it is described with bare stone. But in any season, Bamboo stream is very pristine and beautiful.

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In spring Truc very right to camp lodging, meals after he conquered the mountain. Also, you can climb on the Dau Tieng Reservoir embankment to enjoy panoramic lake, sailing with locals fishing and experience the feeling of fishing between the vast reservoir of water. Then you can see that this is really the sea, and the vast lake very nice.

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