Ta Xua cloud paradise in Vietnam

Ta Xua, located in Bac Yen district (Son La), about 220km from Hanoi, is an attractive tourist destination to those who want to “hunt” beautiful and great clouds.

ta xua

In fact, the way to Ta Xua is quite hard to go, but you will be satisfied by the beautiful landscape in here. In the season of cotton mop, the hillside is covered by the white cotton mops which are shine bright in the sun.

can-dau-van-tren-thien-duong-may-ta-xuaThe beautiful white cotton mops in Ta xua

Ta Xua has main peaks, forming a natural wonder extremely majestic, with spine sharped like dinosaur prehistoric giant, winding knob, thorny and rugged.



The highest point is the place where the flag of Vietnam is raised at an altitude of 2,850m. At the second peak, there are still remains of an old flagpole that was built in the French colonial period. The third highest point is in the middle, which is like a hyphen creating the back of a prehistoric dinosaur.


ta-xuaA stunning photo of Ta Xua

The best time to Ta Xua


Summer will be the best time to explore the seascape of clouds in Ta Xua. There is little chance to encounter the majestic clouds.



But the ideal time to hunt clouds in Ta Xua is winter and spring. At this time, the probability of “clouds hunting” is very high. And in particular, in these seasons, clouds is very beautiful, and there are miraculous and impressive moments.

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