Tan Ky Old House- A Amazing Destination in Hoi An

Over more than 200 years old, Tan Ky old house on Nguyen Thai Hoc street still keeps its original architecture. This is an amazing destination on the journey of discovering Hoi An ancient town.


Originally, it was a home of Le family and was built in 18th century.

Tan-Ky-Old-House-Hoi-An (1)

Wood is a major material here, then types of stone and tiles. Stones were transported from Thanh Hoa province; such these stones help wood material not be rotten. Tiles were made from Bat Trang; hence they are cool in summer and warm in winter.

Tan-Ky-Old-House-Hoi-An (2)

Motifs, patterns, and structure of the house carry special meanings and colorful messages of oriental philosophy.

Tan-Ky-Old-House-Hoi-An (3)

The house is an architectural combination of Chinese, Japanese and Vietnamese styles. It presents the harmonic wish of human and nature.

Tan-Ky-Old-House-Hoi-An (4)

The house was built in tube style but not be stuffy at all.

Tan-Ky-Old-House-Hoi-An (5)

At present, Tan Ky old house still stores very beautiful horizontal lacquered boards and parallel sentences which were finely carved.

Tan-Ky-Old-House-Hoi-An (6)

But the most precious thing is Confucius cups which are associated with stories about Confucian.

Tan-Ky-Old-House-Hoi-An (7)

Another special thing is that the Tan Ky old house is the first one receiving award of National Heritage and the only ancient house in Hoi An welcoming leaders of countries both at home and abroad.

Tan-Ky-Old-House-Hoi-An (8)

Over ups and downs of history, the ancient house still keeps its original architecture.

Tan-Ky-Old-House-Hoi-An (9)

Aside from spaces for precious exhibits, there are two corners for badges and gifts which were presented by visitors.

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