The Ancient Beauty Of Hue On Early Summer Rainy Days

Visiting Hue and taking a stroll on early summer rainy days, you will see Hue as a gentle girl. Majestic constructions become mossier, streets are more tranquil, etc.

Hue is considered as a peaceful and tranquil land. During rainy days, Hue becomes blue. Outside, tourists take a stroll and think about their life.

The beauty of poetic Hue with gentle beauty on rainy days.

Ancient Beauty Of Hue  (1)

Thien Mu pagoda (or Linh Mu pagoda) is situated on Ha Khe hill, left side of Perfume river, about 5km from Hue city in the west.

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This is one of the oldest religious constructions and the most beautiful landscape in Hue.

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Rain on Imperial City- a center of administrative and politics of Nguyen dynasty. It is also an accommodation of kings and royal families.

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Hue Imperial City is one of relics in complex Hue Citadel that was recognized as the World Cultural Heritage in 1993- The flag tower in Hue Imperial city, in front of the Citadel.

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A corner of Tu Duc tomb which is considered as one of the most beautiful constructions under Nguyen dynasty is situated in Thuong Ba village, Thuy Xuan commune, Hue city.

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Vong Canh hill is situated on Perfume river coast, about 600 meters from Tu Duc tomb and Dong Khanh tomb. Standing on Vong Canh hill, you can view Hue city zoom out.

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Café Gac Trinh is a private house of the late musician Trinh Cong Son where he lived and composed. This is the space where tourists commemorate the talented musician – the father of the deep love songs. During a rainy afternoon, it evokes in people’s hearts about nostalgic and profound feelings.

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Perfume River is the river of music and art. It is a very particular and very Hue. It flows through the heart of the city, the river had ever seen so many ups and downs.

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Perfume River by night sparkles with yellow light.

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