The Journey Discover Ako Dhong Village, Buon Ma Thuot Part 1

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Boisterous Buon Ma Thuot City

The Best Time To Visit Ako Dhong Village?

Visiting Buon Ma Thuot on Tet days, you will encounter a shimmering mountain town with Tet flower market with a variety of flowers such as: peach blossoms, yellow apricot flowers, kumquat flowers, etc., or behold high-rise buildings beautifully decorated café, etc.

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A brief peace in Ako Dhong village

Ako Dhong village is more beautiful on the occasion of March, when coffee flowers are in bloom with white color. It signals for a good harvest.

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White coffee flowers

If you love the magical yellow color of wild sunflowers, you can visit the village in December. The feeling of walking on winding roads of the village, beholding wild sunflowers, and taking some photos is very interesting.

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Roads are covered with wild sunflowers.

Mean of Transportation to Ako Dhong Village

It is about 350km from Ho Chi Minh City and about 1,400 km from Hanoi, visitors can travel to Buon Ma Thuot on road or by air.

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Buon Ma Thuot Airport

From Buon Ma Thuot airport, you can hire a taxi or bus to Ako Dhong village. If you want more comfort, you should stop at a hotel in the city center and rent a motorbike to travel here.

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Comfortably walking on the spacious road leading to Ako Dhong village.

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