The Largest Museum of Whale Bone Of Southeast Asia in Vietnam

Van Thuy Tu palace is a famous tourist destination in the city of Phan Thiet which displays the biggest whale skeleton in Vietnam and beyond the record of Southeast Asia.

Built in 1762, Van Thuy Tu ancient palace is located close to the sea, facing the East Sea and a place where the whale of 22 meters long drifted on shore.

The palace is famous at home and abroad because of its unique, preserving many valuable historic and cultural artifacts related to the formation and development of Binh Thuan in particular and the South Central region in general.

Largest-Museum- Whale-Bone  (1)

The middle area of palace stores more than 100 whale skeletons.

At present, the middle area of palace stores more than 100 whale skeletons, nearly half of them have dating from 100 to 150 years.

Largest-Museum- Whale-Bone  (2)

Van Thuy Tu palace displays gray whale skeleton with a length of 22 meters.

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