The Pagoda Grows The King Lotus Flower In Vietnam

These lotus leaves can withstand the weight of 50 kg and grown in Phuoc Kieng Pagoda (Dong Thap) from more than 20 years ago. Now we visit the pagoda grows the king lotus flower In Vietnam.

Located deep in Hoa Tan commune (Chau Thanh, Dong Thap), Phuoc Kieng pagoda is known for the King lotus species by many tourists. Visiting Chau Thanh district, just ask the way to the Lotus Leave Pagoda, you will be carefully guided by the locals.

From Highway 80, you turn in quite quirky riverside roads for two- wheel vehicles only, through a wooden bridge to get village’s gate. In the pagoda, there are crowded Buddhists and tourists; but the tranquil space and sound of prayers cover the pagoda’s atmosphere.

After praying, most visitors spend time sightseeing around the pagoda. Many flowers and fruit trees are planted inside the pagoda, but most attraction is a lotus pond beside the temple.

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Flood season on September and October is also a good time for you to sightsee the king lotus. At that time, lotus leaves are describes big, thick and fill the pond surface. The lotus pond in square shape and lotus leaves in round shape symbolize heaven and the earth.

The Pagoda Grows The World Biggest Lotus Flower In Vietnam (3)

The bridge across the lotus pond help you stand on lotus leaves easier.

The king lotus is popularly grown in the Amazon regions (South America) and gradually being planted in botanical gardens in some countries. This kind of tree is well- known for its ability of withstanding big weight (from 50 kg to 100 kg).

During a war period, Phuoc Kieng pagoda was bombed; hence many bomb craters still exist now. The King Lotus pond is planted in one those craters. However, no one knows who brought this strange kind of lotus to the pagoda. The locals only remember that, in the early 1990s, they saw this kind of tree in the pagoda’s pond.

Despite being planted in other countries, this kind of lotus tree has a strange vitality. In 1998, other plants were killed due to dry pond. But to the flooding season, lotus trees grew and bloomed. It has pink color at first then turn into red. Its flowers are as small as other kinds of lotus flowers. Small lotus seeds are edible.

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Its flowers are as small as other kinds of lotus flowers

In Phuoc Kieng pagoda, services for taking photo with the king lotus is in order. You will step on the wooden bridge and over a plank. You will step on a lotus leave in a safe way.

Besides big lotus flowers, this small pagoda is also known for the Turtle of 100 kg. According to legend, the Turtle had been caught and then escaped and reached a few dozen kilometers back to the temple. Later on, the Turtle passed away, the pagoda’s abbot worshiped it. The temple also currently raises a few small turtles which are close and friendly to guests.

The Pagoda Grows The World Biggest Lotus Flower In Vietnam  (2)

A few small turtles are close and friendly to visitors.

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