The special things about Tet Holiday


Vietnamese people celebrate the New Year with a sacred trust: Lunar New Year is the days of reunion, hope, and luck. Tet holiday is the reunion of all the family because this is the expectation that all members of the family, who went far from home are looking forward to gathering with their family. After a year of working, Tet holiday is the time for people visit their relatives and friends.

Let’s discover top following unique things at Tet Holiday to find the culture of Vietnam:



The eve of Tet is filled with excitement and anticipation of the  New Year. As the clock strikes midnight, the Giao Thua ceremony commences, marking the end of the previous year and the beginning of a new one. People often let off firecrackers in Tet holiday to expel, bring luck and wealth to their family.

The Red couplets



Luckey Money


On Tet holiday, the adult gives lucky money for children as a wish for a new age of docility, study well. They also give the lucky money for the elder to wish for a long life and good health.

Square glutinous rice cake – Chung Cake

special Cake

Vietnam’s traditional food on Tet festival is various depending on each region. While “banh tet” is the most important dishes in the feast of Tet in the Centre and the South, “Chung Cake” is the irreplaceable cake in the banquet as offering the ancestor of Northerners.



Tet Market



Go to the Tet market buy clothes new, Dried candied fruits, equipment essential for the family is one of the indispensable work of Vietnamese people when preparing for the traditional New Year.



Five-Food Tray 

The five-fruit tray is a kind of food offering being put on display on the altar to show gratitude to their ancestors as well as to show aspiration for prosperity. In addition to banh chung, boiled chicken, Vietnamese sausage and pickled onions, the five-fruit tray is becoming an indispensable part of Tet holiday in Vietnam.

The five-fruit tray


The selection of these five fruits depends on regional difference, even family’s preferences.

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