The Telegraph Rates Ninh Binh “Special But Not Yet Famous”

Glorifications like imposing mountains and sky-printed river at the bottom are given to Ninh Binh by The Telegraph in the list of less- seen spectacular destinations.

Ninh Binh, Vietnam


Tam Coc Bich Dong- Photo: Ricardo Sanchez Alonso

Being 95 km to the south of Hanoi, Ninh Binh is an ideal destination for those who hope to see tranquility instead of the crowded and noisy atmosphere of Ha Long Bay. This land is typical of the unique and spectacular limestone mountains imposingly rising from blue water with the absence of millions of boats that carry tourists.

Ninh Binh also attracts visitors by the “deep-in-mountain” beauty of Tam Coc, Bich Dong with wonderful cliffs, ravines and caves, suitable for sight-seeing and taking photos along Ngo Dong river.

Gunung Mulu National park, Malaysia

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Hiding far away in the biggest state, Malaysia Sarewak, on Borneo Island, Gunung Mulu national park is considered one of the destinations which have the world’s most spectacular cave system.

Especially, Deer, one of the planet’s most beautiful and huge caves, is also located here. It is 200m high and 492m wide, being able to contain a 747 fleet and become home of more than 5 million species of bat. Every night, you will feel the strident sound from flocks of bat flying out of the cave to seek for preys.

Naoshima Island, Japan.

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Small islands of Naoshima in the south of Honshu Main Island (between Hiroshima and Osaka) are Japan’s mysterious rough gems. The island is famous for “love for art” and subtle sculptures spreading all over it.

The most attractive thing to tourists is the giant pumpkin at the end of the island’s harbor. It is the creative work of art of famous artist Yayoi Kusama and becomes the main symbol of this land.

Besides, Chichu art museum displays excellent works of art of well-known artist Claude Monet in eye-catching and unique ways, attracting concerns of believers of art.

Miho Museum, Japan.

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Located in Shigaraki town near Kyoto, Miho museum displays collections of valuable antique from The West to Asia collected by the girl who inherits the textile industry, Mihoko Koyama. The collection’s specialty lies in its design.

(Nguyen Thao)

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