Thousands of People Visit The Monument Of 411 Billion Dong

Numerous tourists, including many veterans from other provinces visited the monument of Vietnamese Heroic Mother worth 411 billion dong in Quang Nam province.

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Evening the 24th of March, the monument of Vietnamese Heroic Mother (Phu Tam commune, Tam Ky district, Quang Nam province) was officially inaugurated after seven years of construction. From early morning, thousands of tourists from all part of the country flock to here to admire the monument of  Vietnamese Heroic Mother Nguyen Thi Thu (Dien Ban District, Quang Nam) – whose nine sons and a grandson-in-law and 2 are martyrs.

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There are many tourist groups are veterans, volunteer youth, etc. nationwide. Mr. Nguyen Huu Tai (70 years old, white shirt) and 30 veterans from Nam Dinh, Hanoi, etc. got on board from the day before to attend the inauguration of the monument.

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With a total investment of 411 billion dong, the monument is the largest one in Southeast Asia. Mr. Tai said “Repeatedly seen pictures of the monument through books but today got the chance to witness firsthand”.

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The camp which was organized from the 23rd to 25th of March by Quang Nam province attracted a lot of visitors. After the inauguration, the monument will be one of the attractions of Quang Nam.

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The monument of Vietnamese Heroic Mother is built on an area of 15 hectares and was inaugurated on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the liberation of Quang Nam.

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In addition to cultural shows to gratitude Vietnamese heroic mother, Quang Nam province displayed fireworks at the monument, welcoming 40 years of liberation. Hundreds of police and soldiers were mobilized from early to ensure security and order.

In the evening 24th of March, pedestrian lined up 5 km long to the monument. To avoid jam, motorcycles are banned to be ridden on the road.

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The Organizing Committee has arranged two big screens for people’s attention.

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