Tourists Flow To Sapa For Watching Snow

Snow falling in Sapa is a rare phenomenon in a tropical country like Vietnam which makes many people excited to come here for beholding snow.

From night January 9, snow started falling in O Quy Ho mountain pass (Sapa, Lao Cia). The area where snow fell down is at the height of 1,900 meters. This phenomenon attracted a lot of tourists who come to admire and experience the feeling of standing among cold snow.


Snow fell down on weekend that makes the number of tourists more crowded.

In Sapa, from roads, trees, vegetables, houses’ roof, etc. are covered with snow. The snow falling attracts a huge number of tourists to Sapa to admire such an exciting natural phenomenon. Images of houses, trees, mountains’ slopes cover with snow really make tourists addicted.

At the end of January 10, Lao Cai authority recorded over 3,000 people from other provinces and other locals in Lao Cai province coming to Sapa for watching snow and taking photo with white snow here.

Especially in Tram Ton area, at 4 pm, it welcomed 1,000 tourists.

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